Ocean Science and Policy

We specialize in national and international ocean science and policy. We are a non-partisan and operate based on the best available science. We believe that regional, national, and international ocean issues provide the greatest potential for reaching across the aisle and forming bipartisan coalitions that benefit all Americans.

We offer competitive rates and retainers for consultation on ocean science and policy issues ranging from regional fisheries management to the benefits and drawbacks of large, remote marine protected areas. We have worked on issues ranging from deep-sea mining to marine protected areas, sanctuaries, and monuments to ecosystem-based fisheries management, to recreational angling, to species specific protection to marine robotics and the integration of new technologies in the marine ecosystem. 

Expanding the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument

During this ongoing campaign we:

  • Conducted underwater robot experiences throughout the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 
  • Drafted a white paper on the scientific, economic, and cultural value of the monument. 
  • Campaigned for UNESCO World Heritage recognition. 
  • Coordinated several letters from key stakeholders to policymakers. 
  • Organized an intensive STEM robotics workshop in Saipan to introduce students to potential careers in deep-sea exploration. 

Our advisors excel at “wicked problems" and are equipped to help you tackle particularly novel or challenging ocean projects. We are well-connected to experts in academia, industry, and NGOs and can help you identify the right person. We can provide background briefings, position papers, critical reviews of existing legislation, and policy audits to ensure that recommendations adhere to the best available data. 

We can help you build an ocean campaign from the ground up, using out unique blend of technology, policy, and education expertise. 

We are equipped to conduct primary, peer-reviewed research and have partnerships with several major research institutions to provide laboratory space and administrative support.

Should you need an ocean policy advisor for your staff, we also offer headhunting services.